About Me

I have been working as developer for more than 20 years. I enjoy software development.

In these years I have worked with a variety of technologies: C, C++, ObjectStore and Poet at the beginning of my professional career. Later on, Java and the incipient servlets, Oracle, MySql. Then Struts, Hibernate, Lucene ... And lately, I am working with Java, Spring, Spring Security, Hibernate Search, Struts 2, Apache CXF, Bootstrap and jQuery, to name a few.

Same goes for Engineering practices: from cascade lifecycle to spiral to agile.

And the tools: make, ant, maven, jenkins, ... CVS, visual source safe, subversion, mercurial, git ...

Lately I am into experimenting with Ruby on Rails, Grails, MongoDB. There are some great online courses around about these!

I am interested in technologies that allow to build better applications: meeting user expectations, and with beautiful and maintainable code.

I am a committer of AppFuse: an open-source java web framework. Among other things, I have contributed with:
  • better i18n support
  • upgrade to Hibernate 4
  • re-implement the full-text search service with Hibernate Search + Lucene

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